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Moving the Hubbell-Joe Rug to the Exhibit

Hubbell Joe Rug Series
1. Making the Hubbell-Joe Rug Exhibit
2. Hubbell-Joe Rug History
3. Moving the Hubbell-Joe Rug to the Exhibit
4. Field Trip: NPS Hubbell Trading Post
5. Julia Joe Descendants with Hubbell-Joe Rug
6. Exhibit Opening Day!

The AMM had a big day on Thursday, July 20th, 2023. After years of strategizing, rehabilitating, planning, and building, we introduced the Hubbell-Joe Rug to its permanent home, the Hubbell-Joe Gallery, located in what was once the baggage room of the 1930 depot, redesigned specifically for the Hubbell-Joe Rug. Over the next few days, the weaving will rest in place to relax the folds from being stored and acclimate to the room.

Lifting the Rug

Hubbell-Joe Rug, World's Largest Navajo Rug

Moving a 200-plus pound textile is no easy feat. It took six men to lift the rug from the storage box and carry it into the exhibit space. Those who made physical contact first washed their hands and removed their shoes to help roll out the magnificent weaving.

Hubbell-Joe Rug, World's Largest Navajo Rug


Winslow Mayor Roberta “Birdie” Cano happened to be at the Turquoise Room with a group of special guests, so we invited them in for an impromptu peek at the upcoming exhibit. I think everyone in the room was in awe of what lay before them. When you see the rug in person, it’s hard to imagine making this on a single loom.

Next up

Early next week, after first cleaning the rug according to the conservation plan, we will begin fixing the Hubbell-Joe Rug to the tilt-up wall. After that, we will monitor how the exhibit is working and fine-tune the structure while we continue to work on the images and interpretations for the exhibit. I can tell you, all of us involved in the project are excited to see this come together. Just two-months to go!

Hubbell-Joe Rug, World's Largest Navajo Rug

Grand Opening September 2nd!

In Action

Here’s a short clip, moving the Hubbell-Joe Rug from the storage box, to the exhibit. Enjoy!

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