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Opening October 19, 2024 to the Winslow Studio Artists Gallery, Life Mask, the art and collections of Paul Ruscha.

Paul Ruscha’s Life Mask 1974 Postcard, Gelatin Silver Photograph by Doug Metzler, New York, NY

Paul Ruscha is a collector, not just of art, but of stories and words. He is a student of human behavior, a documenter of moments recorded in the flourish of his calligraphy pen. The little details of life hold in his memories and spin into colorful tales as he threads connections between the many artists he has encountered over a lifetime immersed in the art world. He observes through ever-thoughtful interpretations and sees to the depths of people in those moments of silence between conversation. 

Paul’s work ranges from fine art and photography, to collections of every-day items arranged in artful ways. If the name Ruscha sounds familiar, Paul is indeed brother to world-renowned artist Ed Ruscha. At eighty-one years old, Paul still goes to Ed’s studio every day to document his brother’s work, something he has done for more than thirty years. For Paul, there is no joy in life without art, whether he is appreciating it or creating it. From the random product stickers that cover every inch of his kitchen cabinets to the plastic packages he turns into extraordinary sculptures through his photographs, Paul sees art in everything including things some might simply throw away. Is that a plastic sock hanger? Or is that a swan? Collectively, they become art on a wall of themed items. 

Paul Ruscha is the kind of man who dances with reckless abandon and thrills in outrageous antics and off-the-wall spurts of words. Perhaps that’s why he has been the subject for so many artists over the years. His unselfconscious joie de vivre is infectious and comes through in the art he makes as well as the art he collects and the stories he tells. 

It is time to peel the life mask back and explore the essence of Paul, not as Ed Ruscha’s little brother, but as Paul Anthony Ruscha: A liver of life. 

Stay tuned for Opening Details!

Paul Ruscha, Martyr for Love -1975 Postcard, Gelatin Silver Photograph by Pierre Chanteau – Paris, France
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